1. Since 2015 I have been photographing the most insignificant moments of everyday life. My home and loved ones have always been my favorite photographic subject, so my work resembles a game of "hide and seek", between privacy and exposure.

    Solo/Duo Exhibitions

    Solo Donne concerts, December 2019, An Art Artistry, May 2019, Atheneum Cellar, Athens, Greece

    Days like These, November 2019, Aumorfia Showroom, Athens, Greece

    Collective exhibitions

    Charta festival, September 2023, Rome, Italy


    K magazine (Kathimerini newspaper), Janurary 2024

    Yogurt Editions, Wildness, 2023

    Luminous Eye Zine, Antipoem, March 2022


    Photologio on line photo magazine (author, 2016-2022)